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Success Stories

Javlyn has a proven successful track record stretching over 25 years. Here you will find cases in which Javlyn has leveraged its expertise in both Process Design and Controls Systems to deliver successful projects in the following industries: Food & Beverage, Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, and Petrochemical.


Unilever relies on Javlyn to upgrade a sauce kitchen from a Modicon 785E to ControlLogix with only 24 hours of downtime

Unilever commissioned Javlyn to upgrade one of their sauce kitchens controlled by a Modicon 785E to a ControlLogix processor. To accommodate Unilever’s production schedule the commissioning was completed in two phases. The first consisted of converting the FactoryLink HMI to FactoryTalk View SE (RSView SE) and replacing process control with a ControlLogix processor. The second phase included moving all existing I/O to Allen-Bradley cards in the ControlLogix chassis. Each phase was completed within 24 hours of planned downtime.

Key Technologies:

  • Javlyn Applications: 325-BC Conversion Utility
  • HMIs: FactoryLink and FactoryTalk View SE (RSView SE)
  • PLCs: Modicon 785E and Allen-Bradley ControlLogix
  • Communications: Prosoft card for communicating with Modicon I/O between Phase 1 and 2

British Petroleum

British Petroleum counts on Javlyn’s 325-BC conversion utility to flawlessly convert a PLC-3 program to the ControlLogix platform

Javlyn successfully converted BP’s legacy Allen-Bradley PLC-3 control system to the ControlLogix platform. Minimal downtime during this upgrade was especially important as it controlled a backup safety system for an oil and gas facility. The conversion was performed in our office in Rochester, NY and implemented in a facility located on the North Shore of Alaska.

Key Technologies:

  • Javlyn Applications: 325-BC Conversion Utilit
  • PLCs: Allen-Bradley PLC-3 and ControlLogix

Kerry Group

Kerry Group utilizes Javlyn to consolidate production lines from multiple plants into one while integrating new control systems

In their drive for greater efficiencies, the Kerry Group decided to consolidate several production lines located in different geographical locations into one manufacturing facility. Process systems included: Ingredient Storage, Batching, Filling, and Conveying. Javlyn’s unique understanding of both process design and control integration allowed the Kerry Group to accomplish this goal with minimal effects on production.

Key Technologies:

  • PLC: Allen-Bradley ControlLogix
  • Communication Networks: Ethernet with advanced switching and ControlNet
  • HMIs: FactoryTalk SE (RSView SE) and FactoryTalk ME
  • Javlyn Applications: Recipe Management Applications


Javlyn Integrates the most advanced controls hardware and software to make the perfect pint of beer

One of the largest and most respected breweries in the United States selected Javlyn to automate their new continuous filtration process. Major process equipment consisted of a Pall Diatomaceous Earth filter, Alfa-Laval centrifuges, and a CIP (Clean-In-Process) system. To integrate these units into a seamless process, Javlyn utilized the latest proven technologies to ensure robustness while minimizing downtime and ongoing supports costs.

Key Technologies:

  • PLCs: Allen-Bradley ControlLogix and CompactLogix
  • Valves: Mixproof and Single Seat with ThinkTop
  • Communication Networks: Ethernet / IP and DeviceNet
  • MES: Wonderware InTouch, Wonderware InSQL, Wonderware ActiveFactory
  • Javlyn Applications: Recipe Management, Batch Scheduling, CIP Pinning, Activity Viewer, and Permissives (Interlock) viewer
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server
  • Reporting: Crystal Reports

Highly flexible aseptic fluid process

A major consumer goods manufacturer relies on Javlyn to produce countless variations of their gelatin and pudding dessert products in a completely aseptic process

Javlyn’s expertise in process design and control integration allows a major consumer goods manufacturer to produce gelatin and pudding based desserts with unparalleled flexibility and efficiency. By possessing proficiencies in both process design and control integration, Javlyn provided increased synergies. These synergies have resulted in decreased time and capital costs as well as minimizing downtime. Major process areas consist of: Ingredient receiving/storage, Batching, Product Holding, Sterilization, Aseptic Product Handling, and Filling. This process is controlled by over 35 PLCs.

Key Technologies:

  • PLCs: Allen-Bradley ControlLogix, Allen-Bradley CompactLogix, Allen-Bradley PLC-5s, and Allen-Bradley SLCs
  • Communication networks: Ethernet / IP and Remote IO
  • HMIs: Rockwell RSView32 and FactoryTalk View SE (RSView SE)
  • Software revision control: Rockwell FactoryTalk AssetCentre
  • Reporting System: and Crystal Reports
  • Transaction Processing System: Rockwell FactoryTalk Transaction Manager (RSSql)
  • Javlyn Applications: Recipe Management and CIP Pinning Chart Editors
  • Automated Backup Software: Symantec Backup Exec

Proven skidded water sterilizers

Javlyn completely builds and tests one of their proven skidded water sterilizer systems to allow turn-key startup for an aseptic juice bottling filler

A highly regarded beverage bottle filling company continually calls upon Javlyn for their turn-key skidded water sterilizer systems. These particular Javlyn manufactured skidded systems are used to process sterile water for aseptic fillers. Javlyn completely builds and tests these systems in their facility. They are then shipped to site for turn-key installation. Javlyn provides training to maintenance and operations personnel to ensure the most effective operation of their systems. The latest installation, commissioned in a juice plant, reinforces Javlyn’s history of providing highly capable process design and control systems.

Key Technologies:

  • Javlyn Manufactured Skidded System
  • PLC: SLC
  • HMI: PanelView

Greenfield dairy and non-dairy liquor plant

Dairy and non-dairy based liquor co-packer selects Javlyn process and automation systems for their greenfield production facility

Javlyn developed custom process, electrical and automation designs to accommodate highly flexible batching, processing and storage. Custom developed recipe management, production and tracking systems allow multiple product components to be developed separately without a chance for cross contamination.

Key Technologies:

  • Valves: Mix-proof valve manifolds
  • PLC: ControlLogix (CLX)
  • Communication Networks: Ethernet and ControlNet
  • HMI: Wonderware InTouch and InSQL (Historian)
  • Javlyn Applications: Recipe Management, Audit Trail, Permissives (Interlock) Viewer
  • Reporting: Crystal Reports
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server

Integration of Traceability and Geneology systems to existing aseptic fluid process

Javlyn integrates their complete Traceability and Geneology system to an existing aseptic fluid process

A multinational food producer required a Traceability and Genealogy system to track input and output lot codes throughout the entire manufacturing process. Javlyn’s system has the ability to trace ingredients completely through the process system while also tracking all potential components of a finished product. This process system is both fluid and highly flexible. It is completely aseptic and spans over 5 batch systems. Success required a thorough understanding of both the process and control systems to ensure the accuracy of all tracked ingredients.

Key Technologies:

  • PLCs: Over 35 PLCs consisting of: PLC-5s, SLCs, CompactLogix, and ControlLogix processors
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server
  • PLC Transaction Processing: Rockwell FactoryTalk Transaction Manager (RSSQL)
  • Javlyn Reporting and Ingredient Input System: and Crystal Reports
  • Javlyn Applications: Tracing Program

3M line upgrade

Javlyn gets 3M line upgraded and back into production in record time

The Situation: 3M’s Cumberland, Wisconsin facility needed to upgrade their old PLC-3™ controlled Scotch-Brite™ Floor-Pad production line to an Allen-Bradley ControlLogix™ platform. Training was no longer readily available for the PLC-3 and it could not interface to higher-level communications systems.

The Challenge: The PLC-3 “spoke a different language” – 1,600 ladder rungs and 13,000 instruction codes had to be rewritten for the ControlLogix platform.

The Solution: Unable to come up with an acceptable strategy to resolve the problem, 3M turned to Javlyn. Javlyn converted all the PLC-3 code to ControlLogix code, using their proprietary conversion utility. Javlyn’s utility translated all ladder logic and comments.

The Result: The new system was tested during a weekend of scheduled downtime. Two weeks later, the PLC-3 was decommissioned and ControlLogix installed in less than 4 hours.